Support the Wee One Foundation at the Annual Turf Symposium.

To support the Wee One Foundation, we're going to conduct an Auction at the Annual Turfgrass Symposium 2023. The viewing/bidding of the items will take place on Wednesday, January 11th ending with a live auction during the evening reception. It's a great, fun way to come together and raise funds for this worthy cause.

For golf course superintendents: please bid on items on behalf of your facility - the Wee One Foundation will send you an invoice for your winning bid and payment is not due until June 1, 2023. You can also donate to the auction like rounds of golf or desirable items. 

For purveyors - please donate an item (see needed/suggested items below). It's a great way to support the Wee One and showcase your products/services at the same time. 

2023 Auction Winners

Donor: Company: Item Donated: Winner:  
Mike Werth Advanced Turf Solutions 5 SoilSolver Soil Samples with Consultation Alex Benson-Crone
Larry Lennert AMGUARD Environmental Tech. 2x2.5 Gal Case PREMION Fungicide Brian Bossert
Matt Kinnard Clesens 4 Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads Ben  Larsen
Beth Duschack Corteva Agriscience 5 Gallons GameOn Herbicide Joe Jehnson
Michael Miracle Envu 1 Bottle of Tetrino Brad Wagner
Michael Miracle Envu 1 Bottle of Densicor Brad Wagner
Mark Koespell Frost, Inc. Jack Daniels and Frost Inc. flask and winter hat Seth Brogren
James Johnson Great Lakes Turf Localized Dry Spot Kit  Steve  VanAcker
Shawn Hilliard Helena Agri Enterprises One 2x2.5 Gallon Case FirmUp Chad Grimm
Shawn Hilliard Helena Agri Enterprises Helena Logo'd AirPods Pro Chad Grimm
Shawn Hilliard Helena Agri Enterprises One 2x2.5 Gallon Droplet Landing Zone DLZ Ben  LaBarre
Shawn Hilliard Helena Agri Enterprises One 2x2.5 Gallon Case Outfront Ben  LaBarre
Gabriel Lopez Irrigation Protection Services Armada Pro50K Kit Neil Radalz
John Leibold & Mike Skopik Leibold Irrigation Sarasota FL Golf Trip for 4 Josh Malady
Peter Meyer National Golf Graphics 20 Pieces 5.375"x11.75"x.5" Plastic Directional Signs Jeff Millies
Scott Verdun NuFarm Buck's Tickets; March 4 vs. Philadelphia 76ers Seth Brogren
Kristin Witkowski Pendelton Turf Supply

Buck's Tickets; March 1 vs. Orlando

Jon Canavan
Chip Houmes Precision Laboratories 5 Gallons Vivax Soil Surfactant Alex Benson-Crone
Ryan Gilmore Revels Turf and Tractor Mini Packer Helmet signed by Romeo Dubs Ben  Petersen
Ryan Gilmore Revels Turf and Tractor Stihl Hedge Trimmer Steve VanAcker
Ryan Gilmore Revels Turf and Tractor Devondre Campbell signed football Steve VanAcker
Phil Spitz Syngenta 64 oz Acelepryn Brian Bossert
Matt Kregel The Club at Strawberry Creek Foursome of Golf with carts Brian Bossert
David Radaj Turf Ventures 5 Gallons TV Siphon Wetting Agent Harrison Beal
David Radaj Turf Ventures 2 Bags TV-23G Wetting Agent Harrison Beal
Mike Bremmer Turf Ventures Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit Chris Zuger
Dennis Hamilton Tyler Enterprises 6 Bags Tyler Soluble High K Fert Alex Benson-Crone
Eric Pifer Watertronics Backpack & Hat Package Brent Graybill
Rob Johnson Waupaca Sand & Solutions 1Load of Fines Free Kiln Dried Topdressing Sand Connor Healy
Pocket Knife Collection David Brandenburg
Portfolio Gabe Lopez

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