What evolved into the Wee One Foundation was originated to help Wayne Otto, CGCS as he struggled with his bout with cancer. The Wee One Foundation was named to honor Wayne and to continue to assist golf course management professionals and their dependents who incur overwhelming expenses due to medical hardship without comprehensive insurance or adequate financial resources.

The members of the Wee One Foundation Benevolence Committee reviews all applicants and makes recommendations to the Wee One Foundation Board of Directors for financial support.


Applicants must be a golf course superintendent, assistant golf course superintendent or an individual employed by a company or organization that services the golf course management industry or a dependent of named applicant and who has suffered a catastrophic medical hardship.

Criteria for Selection

All applicants for assistance will be required to provide a written explanation of the medical hardship and indicate how the funds will be spent. The Wee One Foundation reserves the right to verify any information received.


The amount of assistance provided to each approved applicant differs by each situation. All requests shall be processed by the Benevolence Committee and legitimate claims shall be presented to the Wee One Foundation Board of Directors. Legitimate claims are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.The Wee One Foundation from time to time may conduct a fundraiser from which all funds may be directed towards one individual.

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